Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Toxic $$ Fight Health Care Reform

A cool $177,000,000 -- that's how much the health care industry has contributed since 1989 to members of Congressional committees now drafting bills to reform the nation's health system. What kind of reform can you expect especially when the key lawmaker on health issues, Senator Max Baucus of Montana, alone collected nearly $1.500,000 from health-related companies in 2007 and 2008?
“What’s on your mind?” That’s the question my Facebook page asked me today, as on every day. And I answered with the above paragraph. The information in it is from an investigative report in this morning’s Washington Post.

The report depressed me. What a way for me to start July 21, my birthday! But thank God, I have a few ways to sound off. I need to enhance my ways of doing so. You should too.

Health care in the United States is sick, in desperate need of a comprehensive cure. But comprehensive reforms usually manage to rally private interests into well-financed coalitions against the public interest.

Where, for God’s sake, are the voices for a health care system that serves the common good? Still far too weak to overcome the power of $177,000,000.

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