Monday, July 06, 2009

Happy Birthday, My Dear!

The birthday I’m celebrating here is that of my wife, Dzung, the 37th of her birthdays that we’ve celebrated since we married. The image on this e-card is the cover of the Vietnamese literary quarterly that she edits and publishes with a team that includes Vu Tha Hoa, an artist in Paris who contributed the cover’s painting.

Dzung and I are both writers, but she is also a poet, and much more prolific than I am. To my one book (see cover at right), she has published six. Two of her books are so moving that some people read them straight through, without even stopping for sleep. Who would ever read a book on globalization in one sitting.

Dzung felt that Co Thom’s cover doesn’t quite blend in with this blog. Yet, more technologically advanced than I am, she created a JPG file of the cover for me.

A full-page ad for Justice at Work appears in the current issue of Co Thom. As an old friend of mine has said, nepotism is okay if it stays within the family.

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