Thursday, July 23, 2009

$$ Questions that don’t get asked

Where on earth are we going to get the money to go back to the moon? to bail out another big bank? to continue paying for the wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan?
Instead of those pressing questions, we hear this one over and over and over again: Where we going to find the money to pay for health reform?

When you constantly repeat that question, to the exclusion of other budgetary questions, you disclose your priorities. When politicians and the media focus on that question, as they do, they are judging health care in a negative way: health reform is less important and needs a greater justification for the expenditure of federal dollars.

July 20, the 40th anniversary of the America’s successful landing on the moon, was a time of prideful celebration. But it should also have been good time to raise questions about the wisdom, financial and otherwise, of continuing our programs of human spaceflight.

At present NASA is on an outer space path that will cost taxpayers an estimated $100,000,000,000. In my view, it is a crazy luxury to spend that kind of money to plant a flag on Mars when we have so many urgent things to do right here on earth.

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