Thursday, June 18, 2009

‘Globalization and Us’ in Blueprint

“Globalization and Us,” the concluding chapter of my book, Justice at Work, is featured in the current issue of Blueprint for Social Justice, published by the Twomey Center for Peace Through Justice at Loyola University in New Orleans.

The chapter
includes 15 propositions that form a proposed paradigm for dealing with globalization issues confronting us. Blueprint highlights one of the 15 in large type:

“The heart of the [globalization] reform movement should be to make the Universal Declaration of Human Rights more universal in international business, with close attention to the rights of workers, particularly women workers, who are more vulnerable to exploitation than are men.”
An article of mine, “Human Rights: Ten Objections Answered,” appeared in the December 1993 Blueprint. I wrote it to respond to major criticisms of human rights, especially worker rights. At the time I was working at the AFL-CIO’s Asian-American Free Labor Institute, which is now part of the federation’s Solidarity Center.

Loyola’s Twomey Center is named after the late Rev. Louis J. Twomey, S.J., a battle-scarred Southern champion of human rights for all.

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