Sunday, March 22, 2009

A new book appearing on Amazon.Com

I was happily surprised today to learn that my book, Justice at Work: Globalization and the Human Rights of Workers, can be ordered through Later, it will also be available for on-line purchase at Barnes and Noble and Borders.

Whether bookstores will stock it depends on demand, which is still unknown, as is its easy availability outside the United States.

To my further surprise, amazon com is also selling used copies of my earlier book, Primer on Interracial Justice, published in 1982 by Helicon Press, which I have not bragged about of late because it is out of print, as well as out of date. And is also marketing copies of a (copyrighted) review article of mine on how Solidarity won freedom of association, published by the Monthly Labor Review of the U.S. Labor Department.

As before, Justice at Work can be ordered through Xlibris, but the delivery time is not as rapid as through

My only disappointment is that does not yet carry the image of my book cover. The cover is a co-production of my wife, our son Thuy, and myself. I am proud of it, and hope you will find that the book’s content matches its quality.

UPDATE: Amazon now carries the image of the book's cover. Take a look.

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